Danen Kane

Danen Kane


Feb 17

“Flesh and Soul” set to release!

Hey Guys!

I hope this finds you well.  Just wanted to make a quick little announcement about the new album.  There will be a pre release concert this Friday February 20th at my old church in Oshkosh, WI.  The album doesn’t release nationally until March 3rd, but this is a little early sneak peak for my local friends and supporters and an opportunity to grab the record before anyone else :)  Would love to see you there and celebrate with you!  Details for the show are listed in my events section.

God bless and hope your week is off to a great start!

In Him


Mar 31

New Record is coming near……

Hey Guys,

As most of you know, I have been working on a new album for a little over a year now.  And that is why, for the most part, I’ve dropped off the planet and done very limited shows this past year.  After doing 225 shows in 2012 a light 2013 was definitely needed to focus on recording and rest a bit.  Well, I’m excited to say the album is about 80 percent done and I am pretty stinkin’ excited about it.  It was so awesome to see how people responded my last record “Love Is Waiting” and how much God grew my ministry from that project……..all the doors that opened……….still humbling to think about………..Praise God.   Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to all that have supported my music, heart, and projects over the years.  I want you to know I truly do not take it for granted and know how blessed I am to be able to get to share Christ in this way for as long as I have.

With all that said, I really believe this is just the beginning.  Doors that I have waited 10 years to pass through have slowly been opening and this new album is another huge step in the grand process.  I am crazy excited about it and I hope and believe everyone will be pleasantly surprised despite the long wait.  More details to come as the release date becomes more clear but, God willing, you can expect to hear new music by June at the earliest, and September at the latest.  Stay tuned as I have some fun things to announce  soon………….

Much Love in Him


Mar 29

Working on a new album and more

Hey guys,

Im excited to announce that we are back in the studio working on a brand new full length album.  I have a love/hate relationship with the studio because I love creating, layering, experimenting,  expressing, etc etc.  I love creating sounds and am a gear nut and love studio toys and gadgets.  And yet I am also a perfectionist and borderline crazy so it can be extremely stressful as well, which is a great opportunity to grow.  Maybe thats why God lead me to music, in His divine humor and wisdom.

He continues to open huge doors and some of the largest people in the industry are going to be apart of it, even more so than “Love Is Waiting”.  We are looking at a larger release and for it to be better in every conceivable way.  As an artist that is always the goal and I strive for that passionately.  And I am crazy excited for you guys to hear what has been created so far………very excited.  I am looking forward to seeing what God does with this team of people He has placed in my life to help the album reach the masses and the ends of the earth for His glory.

As a result I won’t be touring much in the spring and fall which is both sad and beautiful.  I get to be home a lot this year, which is needed and good.  Last year was amazing, but exhausting, as we did 225 shows in 30 states.  God did so much in so many lives!  And I look forward to much more of that in the future :)  But for this season, it will be a season of recording, creating, resting, and as always, seeking.  I will be updating as much as I can and remember too.  Those that know me know I suck at that.  Again, ever growing.

Love you all and appreciate your support more than you could know!

In Him


Oct 3

Fall Has Arrived

I love fall.  Im not sure why, but it has always been my favorite season.  It stinks that it always seems to be the shortest season but I digress.  I am in Indianapolis IN right now on the fall tour.  It’s been a crazy year.  By the time 2012 ends we will have played about 220 shows in about 30 states nation wide.  My ministry and career have grown tremendously with the release of “Love Is Waiting” and it has been very powerful and also very humbling.  It’s been an incredible blessing and it has also been very draining.  This has been an enormous pruning season for me and a time where God has been stretching my faith in powerful ways.  He is challenging me in ways I can’t explain, but am very grateful for because my spirit tells me there will be powerful fruit coming at the end of it all.

We will basically be on the road for the majority of the rest of the year and then the plan is to start working on the next studio album.  There is a little uncertainty of what that timeline and schedule will look like but I am just taking it one day at a time and trusting that God will lead me like He always has.  I have seen a lot of things over the last couple years.  A lot of good……..and a lot of bad.   But one thing I have learned for sure out of it all……. God is faithful.  And God is sovereign.   That gives me great peace going forward and knowing I don’t need to know all the answers……just the one who will give me the ones I need when I need them.

I hope to see you guys in your city soon.  Meeting you, sharing my heart, and hearing yours is why I do what I do.

Keep Your Eyes On Him


May 4

I am now endorsed by Vesper Guitars!!

Hey Guys!  I just got back from a 10 show 12 day tour in WI, MN, and SD.  This was the first tour that I got to use my new Vesper acoustic guitar which I absolutely love.  I just signed a an endorsement deal with them a couple months ago and love the guitars and love the company.  Some other artists that are playing them right now are Casting Crowns, Rush of Fools, Bluetree, and Jimmy Needham (who is one of my favorites).  If you are interested in checking out more about Vesper guitars here is a link to their website, and I should have more info about them on my website soon :)  Hope you guys are having a great start to the weekend!


In Him